Yoga Aéreo: Beneficios Postura Acrobática de la Luna en AeroYoga®

AERIAL MOON© POSE BENEFITS * (VAIHAYASA Chandrasana© ) VIDEO # EXERCISE #ACROBATIC #AERIALYOGA Rafael Martínez introduce #today a new AERIALYOGA position by #AeroYoga ® International, (#AerialPilates ®) during the Mexican 10th #Teachers #Training Promotion of AeroYoga® and #AeroPilates ® in #MexicoDF. #VAIHAYASA Chandrasana, is an advanced Level 2 ( ADVANCED LEVEL REQUIRE A PRACTICE WITH A DIPLOMATE TEACHERS, ELASTICITY, TONICITY and RESISTANCE. WE RECOMMEND TO PRACTICE IN AEROYOGA® BASICS LEVELS POSITIONS BEFORE LEVELS "0" and "1" BEFORE THIS SEQUENCE OF ADVANCED LEVEL. VAIHAYASA Chandrasana "THE AERIAL MOON© POSE" is, curiously A "SOLAR" POSITION. THIS POSE OPEN THE CHEST AND STRENGTHENED #MUSCLES ARMS, BACK , CHEST AND INTERCOSTAL MUSCLES (FOCUSES SYMBOLICALLY TOWARDS THE SUN): RESPIRATORY SYSTEM, HEART, LINFATIC SYSTEM, TIMUS, SPINE ARE ZONES THAT #ENJOY THE #BENEFITS #WELLNESS FROM THE MOON © AERIAL POSE THIS POSE IS A REAL CALL TO #HEALTH AND VITAL #ENERGY. LOOK THE VAIHAYASA CHANDRASANA© POSE VIDEO IN TEH OFFICIAL CHANNEL ON YOUTUBE AEROYOGA® And AEROPILATES®, CLICK HERE More info on (Spanish) - (Inglés) (français) - (catala') MAIL WHATSAPP +34 680905699 * Practice under the supervision of a AeroYoga® certified teacher. Check with your doctor any health problem and the convenience in your own case to perform a demanding physical activity that, can be aeroyoga.
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