Vaihayasa Sirsasana, Think you can’t do the Aerial Yoga Headstand Pose?

aerial yoga posesThink you can’t do a Aerial Headstand Pose?

Vaihayasa Sirsasana or Aerial Headstand pose, is known as the King of all Aerial Yoga Poses.

On the AeroYoga® International method we offer this advanced pose, for the first time, also  in levels "0" and "1" (basic and medium levels, without risk) to bring to every body the joy and the benefits of this magnificient experience.

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This face down pose by AeroYoga® and AerialPilates® can aport many benefits for the body playing with the gravity on the swing (trapeze) and freeing us from contact with the ground... 

But his main power for personal development is perhaps to change our perspective,  turning our world upside down in suspension... 
This pose can bring us many Benefits* like : 
improved circulation throughout the body, Clear the Mind and Anti Aging Power...

Benefits for the Body & Mental

In his aerial version can affects  positively every system of the body:  The  endocrine, the cardiovascular, lymphatic or digestive systems. Vaihayasa Sirsasana (gravity free down face pose) can have an anti aging effect increasing blood flow to the brain, regulates pituitary and pineal glands, enhances circulation , helping to find easily meditation and focus process, mental clarity and calm.


Practice Vaihayasa Sirsasana© under certified AeroYoga® International Teacher.

Ask to your doctor about any health problem and the convenience in your case to practice an exigent activity. Avoid Aerial Yoga inverted poses if you have high or low blood pressure, compressed cervical disks or any serious eye diseases.


AeroYoga® Institute is the first specialized Aerial Yoga Center on the wordl Member of IAYT (International Association of Yoga Therapist).

IAYT Member Schools primarily include schools and individuals with yoga therapy training programs. There are also a few yoga educational institutions and ashrams without yoga therapist trainings now, but who wish to support the field. Please visit the websites for schools in which you are interested for details about their programs.

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